HDR Duo Launch a Great Success


HDR Duo Launch a Great Success

A full house at the Ideaworks Experience Centre in London!

On the 3rd August at the Ideaworks Experience Centre in London, over 50 high-end dealers and press members gathered to learn more about the new and innovative SIM2 HDR Dual System. Four separate live demonstrations and in-depth overviews of the HDR concept have been made by Domenico Toffoli, SIM2 R&D Director, alongside our partner’s Invision Cinema team.


Massimo Zecchin, SIM2 Sales Director said: “The event was a really great success. It was amazing to see so many industry’s experts “all in one room” overwhelmed by the SIM2 HDR solution based on the combination of two different projectors. This is highlighted in the fantastic feedback that we received.

One among all, Ian Bolt, Managing Director of Custom Sight & Sound, said: “Yet again Sim2 show a clean pair of heels to their competitors with their Duo HDR solution. The preservation of the darkest and brightest picture areas whilst retaining detail was extraordinary.

It’s was great privilege to work with the team at SIM2, coming together to present the world’s finest HDR projection system (the SIM2 HDR Dual System). In our opinion the SIM2 HDR Dual solution is the only option for end-users to truly looking to experience the wonder of HDR via a projection system” said Andy Jones, Category Manager of Invision UK.