APEX Programming Software in Now Available


APEX Programming Software in Now Available

Powerful Auto-Programming and New Customisation Tools Deliver Simplicity and Flexibility to Dramatically Reduce System Design Time. 


RTI, a leading control and automation manufacturer for residential and commercial settings, today announced that its highly-anticipated Integration Designer® APEX software is now available. The enhanced Windows®-based programming platform is packed with new features that dramatically speed up the installation process for projects of any size, while maintaining the ease of customisation that RTI is known for.

I’m very excited by the release of APEX. It’s a fantastic step forward in the evolution of RTI’s Award Winning Integration Designer platform.” said David Meyerowitz, Category Manager at Invision UK. “For dealers APEX means easier customisation with the addition of resizable graphics and new Obsidian graphics template. This saves a lot of time making multiple graphics in different resolutions. The big advantage of APEX is the use of tags and auto programming. This means simple processes, that used to take quite a long time, are now automated making for a much faster programming experience. This gives dealers more time to focus on the user experience and getting the UI design right for the users requirements. There are more and more features to come from APEX so it’s a very exciting time to be an RTI dealer.

The backbone of RTI’s control and automation solutions, Integration Designer APEX supports the advanced capabilities the company has planned for upcoming software releases, while delivering numerous immediate features that simplify programming and make system design more efficient than ever. These include automatic generation of the graphical user interface and programming, a new IR library, multi-room programming, advanced graphic resizing, and more. The completely flexible software allows system designers to modify auto-generated templates, take advantage of third-party templates, or create their own pages while still utilising APEX’s powerful features.

We have updated our training courses for RTI to give you all the tools you need to be able to programme with APEX. Click here to book on to the course.